Thursday, December 18, 2008

Baby pictures!!!

We went to see Dr. Levin yesterday. For some reason he did another ultrasound. We aren't sure why but we aren't complaining. We love every opportunity we get to see our precious little baby. As you can see, (sorry its not the greatest pic) the baby is getting bigger. You can actually distiguish the different parts of the body. I hope you enjoy the picture. Everything else looked great!!! We go back January 21st, 2009!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Belly Pictures!!

Sorry about the late posting of the infamous "belly pictures". I left my camera in Illinois over Thanksgiving. So this is a picture of my eight week pregnant belly. I am already feeling like my clothes are tight. Ugh!!! I am determined not to gain excessive weight! So far I have wanted salty snacks over sweet. Hopefully that will help. Now that I am feeling back to normal after the stomach flu ran through our house I can get back to the gym. However, I'm sure my belly will be much larger by July 17, 2009!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I feel horrible!!

In the last two weeks I have felt a little nauseated on occassion but nothing significant. Mostly food just doesn't sound appeitizing but I am able to eat. I have been pretty lucky until now. I woke up this morning with a head cold. UGH!! And of course I can't much to help these symptoms. Then starting around 8pm nausea set in. Even water sound gross. Everyone keeps telling me this is how its going to be for the next month or two. Hopefully, a good nights rest with the humidifer on will help the head cold.


We're having a baby!!!
I know we said we were waiting until we were thirty but after being diagnosed with Complex Migraines my OB-GYN (Dr. Levin) told me that he wouldn't prescribe any more Baby-be-gone (Zach's preferred name for birth control) unless I had an note from my neurologist. Birth Control is contraindication in people with complex migraines. After that appointment I came home to tell Zach what Dr. Levin had said. We just decided that we both felt now was just as good as waiting. We found out on November 9th and couldn't wait to tell all of our family and friends!!! During our Thanksgiving trip home, gave our parents I love my Grandma/Grandpa frames with a picture of their grandchild. Our little poppy at the time was only .38 cm but they were all very excited and didn't waste any time telling the rest of the family and their friends. One night last week I was speaking with my long time friend , Misty, and she said she wishes that we lived near each other so she could be involved. So I decided to start this blog so all our family and friends could be involved. I hope you enjoy watching our little one grow.