Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Today's Doctor's Appointmet!!!

Today, we had our third appointment with Dr. Levin! Its started with stepping on the scale. I have decided that I hate his scale and that from now on all my appointments are going to be in the morning. It said I weighed 9 pounds more than 5 weeks ago. I think they should take in to consideration that I am fully dressed, just ate lunch and it was 2 in the afternoon. My scale didn't say I weighed that much!! I guess I am just gonna have to get over this, but from now on I am keeping track of my weight gain on my own. Okay! Okay! I have been eating more and I have really enjoyed the Mexican food followed up by some cookie dough ice cream. LOL! I am currently 14 weeks! (15 on Friday!). I am starting feel more energized and haven't taken a nap all week long. Zach and I got a membership to the gym so we have been working out. He is determined not to gain a baby belly like me. However, he hasn't said no to going to get tacos or ice cream so I guess we will see. Today we also listened to the heartbeat. This is the first time in the office. I recorded it on my phone so I could call our parents to let them hear the precious sound. Our next appointment is on Feb 23, 2008. At that appointment I will be 20 weeks (halfway done!!!) so we scheduled the ultrasound appointment for the same day. YAY!!!

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