Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Offical ultrasoun!!!

Yesterday we had the official ultrasound done. First of all, its torture having to drink 40 oz. of fluid, hold it for that long and then let someone push around on that full bladder. However it was all worth it to see one glimpse of our poppy. Thankfully the ultrasound tech gave us some of the images on CD so we can share them with all our loved ones. The night before Zach kept saying, "Hopefully its still a girl because Rachel has been telling everyone its a girl." I think he forgot he told people too! The ultrasound lady confirmed it. We are having a little girl. She showed us the three lines you look that represent the female genitals. Unfortunately she didn't put that on the CD. We watched her little heart beat and her arms and legs move across the screen. She is much bigger than the last time we saw her. I can't believe the first time we saw her she was just a small poppy seed and now we can see her spine and heart move rapidly. So after the ultrasound, I had an appointment with Dr. Levin. The first thing he said was, "If its a boy do you want him circumcised?" I said, "but its a girl." He just laughed and repeated the question. I was a proud mommy showing off my baby's first glamor shots to all my coworkers who would pay attention. I am really excited for everyone to see her. Now all we have to do is wait another 4 1/2 months to meet her in person.

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