Tuesday, March 17, 2009

22 weeks YAY!!

Well, we made it to week 22!! YAY!!! We have only 4 more months to go!!! I am feeling pretty good. Although last weekend was pretty much couch bound due to the most horrible pain in my left hip. All the girls at work reassure that it is just round ligament pain. "oh great!! Now my ligaments are stretching!!" Just teasing I expected it, but man did it hurt!! Baby Emily is still moving around a lot but we still can't feel any kicking!! People are starting to notice that I am pregnant without me having to explain that I can't help lift patients!! I have still only gained 12-13 pounds!!! I am doing my best to eat healthy and drink lots of water but Emily likes Taco bell!!! We hope everyone is doing well!! See ya soon!!!

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