Sunday, March 29, 2009

Emily Grace Gustavison

Our precious baby girl came to us earlier than we expected. Emily was born into heaven on March 23,2009 at 4:34pm. She was 6 oz and 9 inches long. She had her mommy's hands and her daddy's feet. She was absolutely beautiful. I had not been feeling the same and decided to check on my precious bundle of joy. I didn't hear anything so I went straight up to the maternity department. They determined that Emily had passed some time between week 20 and 21. We notified our parents and family members. Those who could came up right away others sent their love and prayers. After delivery we were able to spend many precious hours with our little angel. We are grateful to the staff of Henry Ford Maternity ward, who took care of all three of us. Words can not describe the gift you gave to us. We thank all our friends and families who prayed and continue to keep us in their prayers during the next few months.

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